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The home of esports and gamers. Start your own tournament, be a team owner or an elite player. Make or save money, and play like a pro in multiple cash competitions. Let’s play.

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Simulated Football

Like American football, start a league or become a fan or player today in our featured League the SFL...

League of Legends

You and some friends can start a league today to challenge each other through 1v1 matches or play against other teams on summoners rift.


Pick a race series and console, drive to win and earn...

Rocket League

Who can make the most incredible goals or epic saves

The FedR8tion Mission

As a member of the FedR8tion you pick your game and join an existing league or build your own. Run your tournament or team like a real business, make money whilst you play.  Competitive excellence as a member of the FedR8tion is available to everyone.

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Ready to lead? Think you can recruit enough teams to create your own league? Can you get enough sponsors and advertisers to turn a profit?

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That’s right, own your own pro team now. Bring in your sponsors, trade your players, fire your managers!


Showcase your skills, become a player…. Get paid because you are the best!

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