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Basketball Esports Leagues

Pick a team, choose your console play in leagues with friends of go for the experience of being a team owner with a professional team. Generate revenue in the same way as having a physical team and stadium. Naming rights, billboard sponsors, broadcast advertising. Build your own fan base….create the brand and hear the fans cheer.

Simulated Gamers Basketball Association

The SGBA is a GM and player Simmed league played on NBA 2K21 Next Gen PS5. They have 22 user created teams that all have original logos, created along with a fictitious roster with no ties to the NBA (teams or players). They also have an NCAA Season as well, where you can submit user created players. Those NCCA players spend one year in college then enter the SGBA Draft. When you join the league you can either be a GM for an SGBA PRO team or a user created player in the NCCA (real college teams).

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