Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FedR8tion

Make money or save money whilst you play. With the FedR8tion you can enter prize winning competitions, recruit sponsors to your tournaments and teams and your players can save money in FedR8tion shops.

Do I have to pay to register an account?

Anyone can register on The FedR8tion and join tournaments, however access to premium features including starting prize competitions requires the member to have a subscription.

What games can I start tournaments in?

The FedR8tion provides a searchable game library. You can start a tournament in any game that does not contravene the user terms and conditions. If you cannot find the game you are looking for, please contact our support team.

How do I start a tournament?

To start a tournament you must have a registered FedR8tion account. Tournaments must be provided with a name and a specified game. Tournaments can be customised with a variety of graphics in the form of a logo and banner. Once the tournament has been created and customised you may then invite players to your tournament and schedule games.

What are the benefits of joining with a paid subscription?

The subscription allows you to create and join unlimited tournaments, receive free 300 tokens per month to spend on premium tournaments, change your profile picture, and access new features before anyone else.

How can I make money from my tournament?

All commercial activity within a premium tournament has commission opportunities from The FedR8tion. These opportunities range from prize competitions, to sponsorship and advertising.

If I win a competition how will I be paid?

Prize pool (premium) competitions can be started by any paid subscription member. Competitions can be restricted to friends, invited members or open to all members. The numbers of participating players and or teams can be set. Premium tournaments can have no token entry fee, however the prize pool must be provided by the tournament organiser.

How do I invite people to join my tournament?

When you start a tournament you will be given three choices: to have an open join, request to join and invite only. With an open invite tournament, anyone is allowed to join who fulfils the joining criteria. A request to join a tournament means that the tournament owner decides which applications to accept. An invite only tournament is managed by messaging players or teams with a code generated by The FedR8tion for verification of their invite to join.

What happens if I can't make a match that me or my team is scheduled to play?

If you are playing in a friendly tournament, contact your tournament organiser for a resolution. If the game is a part of a prize winning competition contact the organiser, but be aware you may lose the game by defaulting on attendance.

How old do you have to be to be a paid subscriber?

All members must be over 13 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 can only have a paid subscription with the permission of a parent or guardian, and will only be able to enter premium competitions, but not start or manage them.

Do I need an adults permission to play on the FedR8tion?

Members must be over the age of thirteen and have their parent or guardians permission to join if under the age of 18.

How do R8s work and how do I spend and redeem them?

R8s are a token used on The FedR8tion site to join and fund premium tournaments and competitions. Any registered member can purchase a variety of token amounts in our token shop. When you purchase a subscription you will automatically be given 300 R8s every month on the day of renewal.

How do I withdraw cash from my R8 account?

When you have an R8 exit balance of over 2000 R8s you can withdraw your equivalent in cash of $20, minus any transactions fees.

How much is an R8 worth as transferable cash?

Each transferable R8 has a conversion to dollars of one US cent ($0.01).

Must I record or stream all my games and results?

Tournaments have the option to ask players to provide evidence when they are reporting results on The FedR8tion. Premium tournaments and competitions will always require a form of evidence to be submitted, as in the event of a challenge, the competition organiser will require it to make an informed decision on the result of the match.

Are any games not allowed?

All games are allowed apart from games that contravene the FedR8tion’s user terms and conditions. These restrictions are predominantly set to avoid unacceptable content or copyright infringements.

Will my games be streamed on the official FedR8tion YouTube and Twitch?

Admission to the FedR8tion premium broadcast service is by invitation only and will be predominantly but not exclusively for prize winning competitions. You are free to stream, record and release all footage of games on your own channels.

What are The FedR8tion Shops and how can I start one?

The FedR8tion offers shops to tournament and teams on an invitation basis. Stores can stock bespoke products branded to tournaments and teams selected for the programme. The selection process is based upon the professional competencies and sponsorship revenue of each team or tournament.

Are there any sponsors or advertisements which are not allowed?

Only sponsors and advertisers which uphold and share The FedR8tion’s values will be allowed. Also team owners and tournament organisers must ensure that sponsors and advertisers services and products are compliant with The FedR8tion’s terms and conditions.

How do I attract and manage my sponsors?

All tournaments and teams can approach and recruit sponsors for competitions, tournaments, shirts and uniforms. The FedR8tion can also be approached to solicit sponsorships for your tournaments or team.