Fedr8tion Membership

$4.95 / month with a 3-month free trial

  • Full access as Fedr8tion player and fan
  • 500,000+ local deals and discounts
  • Benefits package (learn more)
  • VIP player and fan updates


Discounted flights. No premium content charges on FedR8tion broadcasted games. Free access to our discounted deals and savings on things you actually might want to buy or do. Discounted branded clothing with your favourite players or teams. Free entry to prize tournaments against players across your sports. Free entry to all FedR8tion sponsored seminars and conferences

As members of the FedR8tion you pick your favourite sport and either join an existing league or build your own. The Federation leagues have tournaments with prizes, access to players and teams in other countries and continents. Sporting excellence as a member of the Federation is available to everyone.


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